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An Open Letter to the Customers and Friends of Alamerica Bank
January 7, 2001

Alamerica Bank opened its doors for business at 2170 Highland Avenue in Birmingham on January 28, 2000. Our mission was simple - - to restore personalized banking services for business and professional customers. We have followed this path diligently for more than 11 months. We know our customers by name. We celebrate their growth and achievements. We take pride in growing their businesses.

Sound banking principles, coupled with the highest level of personalized banking services, have produced a winner for Alamerica Bank and its customers.

The Board of Directors and Executive Officers of Alamerica Bank wish to extend a public thank you to our staff, customers, and friends for helping us achieve an unprecedented number of record-setting accomplishments during our first year of operation. Thanks to our dedicated staff, Alamerica Bank acquired its Alabama charter, FDIC approval and capital acquisition in record time for any start-up bank in Alabama. The loyalty of our many motivated, hard-working, talented customers helped Alamerica Bank achieve profitability within the Bankís first six months of operations. We have sustained our profitability.

Thanks to our staff efficiencies and referrals by our customers and friends, Alamerica Bank crossed the million dollar mark in gross revenues in less than ten months of operations. We have watched Alamerica Bankís net profits soar beyond all performance expectations.

The Board of Directors and shareholders of Alamerica Bank extend a heartfelt appreciation for the privilege of serving our special family of diversified, progressive customers. As we begin 2001, Alamerica Bank pledges continued growth, sound banking principles and unparalleled personalized banking services.

Thank you Alabama for making Alamerica Bank a national achiever in banking.

Sincerely yours,

Donald V. Watkins

Donald V. Watkins
Chairman of the Board

Lawrence R. Tate

Lawrence R. Tate
President & CEO

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